Conservation Team


David sq

David Morgan

Managing Partner of Plas Newydd LLC/Landowner

David is the Managing Partner of Plas Newydd LLC and has 25 years of experience working in various capacities on the property. David took over management… Read more

Kelley sq

Kelley Jorgensen

President of Conservation

Kelley has over 25 years of experience in applied watershed science, field biology, watershed ecology, aquatic and terrestrial habitat restoration, mitigation… Read more

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Camille Aspittle

Conservation Program Coordinator/Aquatic Ecologist

As Conservation Program Assistant, Camille works in numerous capacities including technical coordination of field studies; QA/QC of collected field data; researching… Read more

Chris sq

Chris Watson

GIS/IT Manager, Project Manager, and Geologist

As GIS/IT Manager, Chris provides GIS mapping and analysis, graphics, and tabular data management and IT management. Chris manages… Read more

Jason sq

Jason Lee

Farm Manager

Jason Lee’s main objective as Farm manager of Plas Newydd Farm LLC is organizing the day to day farm operations. This includes… Read more

Karen Adams sq

Karen Adams, PhD

Senior Wetland Ecologist, Monitoring Lead

Karen has over 20 years of experience in monitoring wetlands, watershed condition, and aquatic habitat. She holds… Read more

Cindy sq

Cindy Hill

Financial Manager

Cindy is the Financial Manager of Plas Newydd LLC, which encompasses financial oversight and office administration. Out of college… Read more

Hannah2 sq

Hannah Mortensen

Field Biologist

As a field biologist at Plas Newydd Farm, Hannah has worked since September 2015 conducting turtle and amphibian surveys… Read more

Sophie (2) cropped

Sophie Ernst

Field Biologist

Sophie interned at Plas Newydd Farm during the summers of 2014 and 2015 and is now interning for another spring and… Read more

Penny sq

Penny Hughes

Field Biologist

Penny began working for Plas Newydd as a farm hand in October 2014, and over the course of her employment, has… Read more

Kolo sq


Chief Sniffer

As a valued member of the team, Kolo manages driveway traffic, napping, barking, belly rubs and alerting the team of any newcomers.


Tom photo 5-15 sq

Tom Slocum, PE

Restoration Engineer

Tom is a Washington State-licensed civil engineer and lawyer who is taking the lead on engineering design for the Wapato… Read more

Brent Haddaway sq

Brent Haddaway

Cascade Envionmental Group: Principal|Senior Watershed Ecologist

Brent has been working as a wetland scientist in the Pacific Northwest for over 19 years, as a state employee, consultant, and mitigation… Read more

Sage sq

Sage Jensen

Sage Environmental Services: Principal

Sage Jensen, founder of Sage Environmental Services LLC, has over 17 year of experience conducting biological surveys and… Read more


Bret Hazell, CP, RPP

Geoterra, Inc.

GeoTerra, Inc. is a leading U.S. provider of Aerial Acquisition, Mapping, and GIS Services for all types of projects requiring engineering… Read more


Michele Punke, PhD, RPA

Historical Research Associates, Inc.

Since 1974, Historical Research Associates, Inc. (HRA), has provided consulting services for public and private clients in cultural resource… Read more