Conservation Program

Plas Newydd is proud to sponsor the Wapato Valley Mitigation and Conservation Bank. A diverse mitigation credit portfolio that will restore and protect dynamic landscape. To learn more view our website.

Farming & Family Since 1941 Plas Newydd Farm

Plas Newydd Farm is a private family-owned Business with a long history of successful land management and stewardship of its ecologically diverse 1625 acre property. Plas Newydd means “new place” in welsh and has been our new place since 1941. Learn more about our Family & Farm.

History of Place

The Columbia Lancaster House is located on Plas Newydd Farm, which is north of the town of Ridgefield; in Clark County, Washington. The house is well-deserving of its 1975 nomination for the National Register of Historic Places and is historically significant for three reasons. Learn more about the History of Place.

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